Chinese bruiloft bij Kasteel de Haar

Chinese Fairytale Wedding at Kasteel de Haar in Utrecht

In 2017 I photographed the fairytale wedding of Miyabi and Tie. Their love story unfolded in the charming rose garden of Kasteel de Haar, blending Chinese traditions with fairytale romance.

The day kicked off with a heartfelt tea ceremony, symbolizing family unity. Miyabi wowed in two beautiful dresses, starting with a flowing white gown and later changing into a silver glitter dress. Her Jimmy Choo glitter shoes added a touch of glamour, perfectly complementing the enchanting surroundings.

The rose garden, with its vibrant hues and intoxicating fragrance, provided a picturesque setting for the wedding ceremony. Against the backdrop of Kasteel de Haar, a castle with a rich history and architectural grandeur, Miyabi and Tie tied the knot.

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